I will put an end to this miserable trap of Satan

Revelations from GOOD SHEPHERD’S HILL

Carbonia January 12, 2022

I am the one who will soon intervene

to put an end to this wretched snare of Satan.

I will sustain My children in this Luciferian battle, I will provide their sustenance and I will put them in love and charity towards Me.

I am your God-Love, I am your Creator; today I want to bless your hearts in a special way, so that you will open them to Me in totus tuus.

Beloved children, what the world takes from you, I, your Lord God, will give back to you in My New Kingdom on Earth. …Do not build things that cannot give you eternal life, but pray and fast from the world, defend the holy Gospel even at the cost of your own lives.

Convert, O men, convert, seek the Things of Heaven, the Things of your Father in Heaven, do not disdain my call to salvation. I am the One who will soon intervene to put an end to this wretched snare of Satan, …I will call to My Havens all My children to prepare them for the final challenge.

May the house be kept in order, the Blessed Mother will soon visit it and with Her you will be in the great final challenge against the infernal dragon.

The road that leads to Heaven is painful and tiring, Jesus also carried the Cross, so do his children carry it, …it is through the Cross that one has salvation!

I have called many, but few have responded as I have asked.

For their own convenience men have accepted compromises, but the choice had to be clear: either with me or with Mammon.

…Whoever has not trusted me cannot be my son.

…Whoever has mocked my word will fall.

Come on my children, remain in harmony with me and pray, …you will soon be surprised by my intervention.

Autor: Moral y Luces

Moral y Luces

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