Testimonies on Perpetual Adoration

Monsignor Michele Placido Giordano, archpriest of Mistretta, in Sicily, said in an interview on November 13, 2006: The first thing that any parish should do is perpetual Eucharistic adoration…. I think that the first thing parishes should do is to teach how to pray. I was amazed when I saw Catholics going to Buddhist meditation schools. So I reflected on this and decided to promote Eucharistic adoration every week and, once a month, to extend it until midnight, until we decided to have perpetual adoration. We started on November 13, 2004.

The important thing is to start. There was a time when I wanted to close «TeleMistretta» television, because I was not able to guarantee the budget. But we trust in the Lord and it has been 16 years and the means have always arrived. We have to trust. We have structured perpetual adoration in four hourly phases of six hours; for each hour there is an hourly captain, who is responsible and who finds solutions when, for various reasons, someone is absent. During the day, the church where adoration takes place is almost always full; during the night, adoration has a special attraction, it is intimate and very beautiful. It is an experience that I recommend to all dioceses and parishes.

Now we will publish a book with the testimonies of a year of Eucharistic adoration. We have received so many graces. A girl had decided to have an abortion, we decided to pray and we convinced her not to do it. This child was born and his name is Carlo. He is now supported by the «Gemma Project» together with his mother. At the beginning, Monsignor Ignazio Zambito, the bishop of Patti, asked us to pray for the vocations. We prayed a lot and the Seminary of the Diocese of Patti, which had six seminarians, this year has another nine candidates for the priesthood. Perpetual Eucharistic adoration gives us wings to do many more things than before. Now we are about to relaunch the diocesan radio station. Adoration is the root of a plant that, the more prayers it has, the more it grows and develops. We must allow the root to expand.

Ramirez Josefino and Martin Lucia, Letters to a Brother Priest, Ed. Missionaries of the Blessed Sacrament, Plattsburgh, New York, p. IX.

Double-Vaxxed 13-year-old dies from “unexplained cardiac arrest”

Experimental technology could soon result in a massive wave of youth illness and death

Parents must be made aware of the how dangerous adverse reactions can be

According to social media posts from the family and an obituary web page, a 13-year-old boy from New Jersey suddenly died from a heart attack on January 4, 2022, just seven months after his second Covid shot.

A June 6, 2021, Facebook post from the child’s mother, Jennifer O’Drain, shows him giving a thumbs up from a doctor’s office along with the caption, “Sec shot done.”

Fast-forward less than seven months and Jennifer’s husband Trent wrote in a now-deleted Facebook post, “Dear family and friends. Our son Jack had an unexplained cardiac arrest on New Year’s Eve shortly after the ball dropped while playing with his friends.”

“He is on life support at Children’s Hospital in Philadelphia,” the father continued. “Jennifer and I have been by his side, holding his hand and praying for healing and hope. The outpouring of support has truly been what is keeping us going. I love you all and please pray for our son. God help us.”

Days later, Jack tragically passed away.

His obituary page reads, “Jack will always be remembered for his big heart, love of learning and loyalty to family and friends. He was extremely bright; he attended Voorhees Middle School and was a part of the Science Olympiad Organization. Jack enjoyed playing the saxophone and practiced at the NJ School of Music in Medford. He loved the outdoors; hiking, camping and fishing were some of his favorite activities. Jack loved game nights playing monopoly, rummy 500 or watching a good movie but most of all it was the time he spent with his family and friends that he treasured the most.”

According to an October 2021 study published in the New England Journal of Medicine, “Males between 16 and 29 years of age have an increased risk of developing heart problems after receiving a second dose of coronavirus vaccines made by Pfizer-BioNtech or Moderna.”

One such heart problem that has been directly attributed to the experimental jabs is myocarditis, or the inflammation of the heart.

The CDC admits, “Cases of myocarditis reported to the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS)external icon have occurred: After mRNA COVID-19 vaccination (Pfizer-BioNTech or Moderna), especially in male adolescents and young adults. More often after the second dose.“

Additionally, the Mayo Clinic states, “The inflammation can reduce the heart’s ability to pump and cause rapid or irregular heart rhythms (arrhythmias). Severe myocarditis weakens the heart so that the rest of the body doesn’t get enough blood. Clots can form in the heart, leading to a stroke or heart attack.“

While Jack’s untimely passing has not been declared a vaccine-related death as of now, an investigation is warranted and the world needs to be made more aware of the horrific adverse reactions the experimental shots can induce.

by Kelen McBreen 

I am at the gates of the Earth and I see no conversion

Carbonia May 21, 2016

Arise quickly, sinners, acknowledge your sin, confess it quickly and prostrate yourselves before me, humbly asking me for forgiveness with a contrite heart. Now terrible days will come!

Write, my sweet servant, write to my beloved people. Behold, my children, I am at the gates of the Earth and I see no conversion. My children, after the Warning, you will benefit from nothing, you will test the rod of your Father who is in heaven!

Beloved children, I, God, call back all those who have turned away from Me, from the One who loved you even to death on a cross.

My beloved people, the time of your election has come! Here it is!

Hasten to come to Me, for now there will fall upon the Earth floods of fire and hurricanes of water, and for those who have not protected themselves in Me, hell will come.

The Earth is going through its agony!

It is in its painful birth, but soon it will be transformed by the Light and will change its appearance.

Thus, this perverse Humanity will have to pass its test in its purification, because it has not converted to its Creator God, it has preferred to give itself up to the miseries of this world, it has given Satan the possibility to make of it his booty.

The new dawn will enter with a heartbeat of love, faithful to its Creator God a new generation will enter and will enjoy all the Beauties of its Loving God; there will no longer be suffering or mourning, for the former things will have passed to savor the new ones, those that the God of infinite Love has prepared for his new people.

It is time for new things! Soon the Earth will be kissed by the Light and light it will be!

Come on, my people, turn to your Creator God, to the only God of Love, to the One who molded you with his own hands and gave you the life you wasted by turning away from his precepts.

Arise, my people, and repent quickly. Look around you, my beloved people: do you see anything good, or that tastes good? NO! There is nothing good left, everything has been tarnished by Satan’s filthy hands and overthrown, what was once Good is now evil, everything has rotted away! What pain for me! What pain for my poor heart! I had hoped so much that My Creature would return to Me, but today I see the ruin that has befallen her and I feel in My Flesh the pain that runs through the flesh of My children.

My Sacred Heart is bleeding, I am losing strength, I am in despair. I am in despair, I am losing My children! Aaahhh cursed Satan, what an end I have in store for you, for you who were the thief of souls, who drank the blood of My children!

Aaahhh what pain! And what misery, are you, poor Humanity rebellious to your God, you have sold yourself to the enemy to earn eternal death?

Now terrible days will come when you will have no consolation from me, for you have sold your soul to Satan. You will die under his mockery and be subject to his dominion forever.

Woe to you, who have believed in him and not in me, your saving God.

New days shall dawn! Behold, a new generation shall walk on grassy pastures and drink of clear waters, and rejoice forever in my burning love.

Arise quickly, sinners, acknowledge your sin, confess it quickly, and prostrate yourselves before me, humbly asking my forgiveness with a contrite heart.

Your hour has come, O rebellious men, for here I intervene to do justice.

          The merciful and just God!

The Antichrist has already arranged everything to make you his slaves

Carbonia July 24, 2016

You will shudder to see the amount of evil that the new world order will cause! The Antichrist has already arranged everything to make you his slaves and put you in a state of eternal punishment! Your condemnation comes from your disobedience to Me.

I am with you, My sweet handmaid, I am with you always, the sooner you understand My Plan for you.

Beloved Bride of Mine, My Holy Gospel cries out all its love in Me, tell My deeds to My people, tell the true life in Me, the way to go to reach eternal happiness.

Cry out to My people, oh My sweet bride!

Cry out My great love for them!

Cry out through your human voice, the true life in Me!

I am the God of Eternal Love, I am the One who cries out for His divine intervention upon this cruel humanity, estranged from all My Good because it is gripped by Satan. My Divine Heart cries out all My Love for you, ungrateful ones, when will you become humble and return to Me?

Do not give your time to death, give it to Life!

Your condemnation comes from your disobedience to Me, your Creator God. You will not find happiness in the things of this world, oh men, do not deprive yourselves of eternal happiness, my son, strip yourselves of your pride so that you do not become children of Satan.

America advances with her destroying army but she will have her bitter reward from her enemies who will devour her soul!

Aaahhh! America, you have sealed your destiny in darkness and see no further, your heart already lies among the thorns of death, you will have no victory if you do not return to Me, your Creator God.

Do not deny Life, O America, return to your God, return to love Him as in the past, give life to your soul that has fallen into sin, rise to new life in Me, return, O America, to Me, so that the splendor of the past may return to you.

We are in the epoch of the end times, now everything is visible to the human eye!

If you want to save yourselves, my children, return to honor My Commandments and to live My Sacraments.

Seek Me at My Holy Altar and visit Me in My Tabernacle. Kneel before Me, tell Me all your love for Me, ask My forgiveness and embrace My Holy Gospel.

This is the foretold time, everything is happening, at this moment the destiny of the world is being decided! This world is in the hands of Satan, and he does not want to lead you to eternal life, but to eternal death

Do not be deaf and blind, my children, read the Holy Scriptures, turn to Me, permeate yourselves with Me.

Read the Holy Scriptures, turn to Me, permeate yourselves with Me in My Most Holy Eucharist. Do not wish to pass through the world, advance on the path of life in Me.

You will shudder to see the amount of evil that the new world order will cause!

The Antichrist has already prepared everything to make you his slaves and put you in a state of eternal punishment.

It is up to you to turn the page, but the time left at your disposal is already over; your immediate conversion to Me is urgent; do not waste any more time on trivial things marked by Satan.     

Do not waste any more time on trivial things marked by Satan; instead, open your hearts to Me so that I may seal them in Me and save you.

Repent quickly, my children, do not be foolish, the mighty ones of Earth are marking your doom for your foolishness, they are full of pride, but their end is marked!

I, God, will put an end to this Babylon and I will renew the world, I will bring it into My dimension of infinite love and I will give you eternal happiness.

May joy and peace be for all those who seek me and hope in me, firm in my Law.

Courage, my children, your liberation is very near!

God the Father, Son and Holy Spirit.

Under the influence of Satanism

Everyone who has gone through the World Economic Forum or the Young Global leaders is under orders. Some are the most repressive

As you know, British Prime Minister Boris Johnson is part of the network that has taken power in many countries of the NATO bloc. Trained in the Young Global Leaders under Klaus Schwab of the World Economic Forum, like other current leaders, he is a fervent agent of the New World Order whose main objective is to reduce the population of the planet to 500 million human beings.

Who can be so foolish as to trust the fanatics of transhumanism who dream of setting up a surveillance society in which our every act and thought will be recorded and used against us… if we do not comply with the mandates of the world’s new dictators?

In the name of progress and science, they intend to inject us without our knowledge and thanks to nanotechnology, products that they present as vaccines, while transforming us into walking transmitters/receivers that they will be able to control thanks to 5G, triggering diseases at their whim, forbidding us to travel and live freely, subjecting us to their good will of the moment and even eliminating us physically by provoking chaos inside our bodies.

This band of criminals who think that there are too many of us on earth have found, thanks to science, the absolute weapon to make us obedient submissive beings or living dead on probation.

While the people are submerged in ignorance and manipulated by the media, this illuminated elite has developed biological weapons that allow them to unleash mass genocides whenever they decide to do so.

Their fake vaccines are slow and silent killers with one goal: to reduce the world’s population, weakening human beings and making them dependent on the pharmaceutical industry and the pleasure of the new dictators.

For years I have been shouting that this world is ruled by criminals, corrupt people, murderers who are in the service of the Banking Cabal. And we are witnessing the unleashing and acceleration of the establishment of the New World Order.

Who knows that the Australian government has publicly declared that the country has entered the New World Order? Who paid attention to this crucial information and which explains the creation of internment camps where those who refuse «vaccination» are already locked up?

Inundated with information, few of us have grasped this important detail. And yet, this information should alert us all because what is happening in Australia, the laboratory of the New World Order, will also be imposed on us in times to come.

Those of us who are aware and informed are considered as «conspirators», «irresponsible», whom our president wants to «annoy to the end» in order to force us to accept the injection of nanotechnologies into our bodies.

If ignorance produces submissive beings, knowledge and learning produce awakened beings. And it is the enlightened who represent the greatest danger to these new dictators. That is why they try so hard to inject us with their poison.

While many refuse to face the truth and prefer to obey, others are willing to defend their lives, those of their children and families, against the «Beast of the Event» of which criminal governments are only servants.

Fearing violence, some advocate passivity, but others have already understood that bloodshed is inevitable because freedom has always come at a price.

As I am not destined to be a martyr, I prefer to die on my feet rather than live on my knees. It will be them or us, whatever the price! 

Experiences in the Holy Hour

Adoring Jesus in holy hours brings heaven to our soul, that is, it brings us immense blessings. The value of a single hour of adoration before Jesus in the Sacrament is incalculable, but sometimes we are not aware of it. It can happen to us like that family that inherited a house from a relative. In the house there was an old painting, representing a flowerpot and, when they were cleaning it, they thought of throwing it away. Fortunately, a friend was there and asked them to give it to the museum, where he worked, to examine it. And it turned out that it was an original copy of Van Gogh, the great Dutch painter, and the value of the painting was several million dollars. They didn’t know what a treasure they had at home and they were going to throw it away! Many Catholics do not know what they have and even throw it away, going to other sects, where they will never be able to have the living and real presence of Jesus the Eucharist.

Try to take advantage of your available time to visit Jesus and, if possible, to adore Him, at least one hour every day.

Personally, twenty years ago I decided to make a daily holy hour of adoration before Jesus in the Blessed Sacrament and I believe it has been one of the most positive decisions of my life. I hope we all commit ourselves to at least half an hour a day before Jesus in the Blessed Sacrament! Or at least an hour of adoration from a distance, from our home, if it is too difficult or impossible for us to go to church every day! Or at least a holy hour of adoration every week at least!

Father Robert DeGrandis tells us: Recently a woman shared her life with me and told me that she had suffered a lot and that the only peace she had felt at that time, she had found in the daily hour she spent before the Blessed Sacrament. That was a place of healing for her. I think that was very true. There is tremendous healing just by being in church surrounded by the peace of the Lord10.

Another woman told me that when she was 29, she thought she was going to go crazy. Emotionally, every possible thing was happening to her. She also felt that she had to go to church every day and spend a holy hour there in prayer; and she told me: «You know, there are very few things that cannot be cured by spending an hour every day before the Blessed Sacrament.

Blessed Damien of Molokai organized perpetual adoration in his chapel on the island of the lepers, and there he spent many hours in adoration before Jesus, offering him all his love for those lepers who needed him so much. One day a volunteer arrived to help him in his task. He was a good man, who was looking for meaning in his life. His name was Dutton and he came from the USA. One day, Dutton needed to consult some things with Father Damien and he could not find him anywhere. Finally, he found him in the chapel. Father Damien looked as if he had been transformed with love and his eyes were shining with happiness. Dutton was so impressed by this attitude and love for Jesus in the Sacrament that he converted to Catholicism and continued to help the lepers. Today the cause for his beatification is open. Blessed Damien said: Without my daily holy hour in the presence of Jesus in the Blessed Sacrament, I would not have been able to stay in this place for a single day.

St. Peter Julian Eymard insisted: We must consider the hour of adoration as an hour of paradise. Go to it as if you were going to heaven, as if to a divine banquet12.

St. John Mary Vianney once saw with his own eyes how Jesus affectionately took in his hands the face of each person who visited him in the Blessed Sacrament and gave him a tender kiss of love and gratitude. It was as if he wanted to fulfill what Hosea says: With human cords, with bonds of love he drew them… He was for them as one who lifts a child to his cheek and comes down to feed him….

From the book of Father Angel Peña on Perpetual Adoration

The Lord’s Prayer prayed at the demonstration in Austria

Demonstration in Vienna against the Covid Pass:

Soon another deadly `virus’ will appear

Trevignano Romano January 08, 2022

My dear children, thank you for having listened and responded to my call in your hearts. 

My children, my children, I ask you for an urgent conversion; do you not notice that the days have also accelerated? I know that you would like everything to be over soon, but all that is written must be fulfilled. 

My children, in this spiritual battle you must be prepared and at the forefront of the fight, you who are soldiers of the light. 

My children, soon another deadly `virus’ will appear. 

Prepare to fight for the demands of Jesus, there will be continuous natural catastrophes. 

My children, the war is ready, when I ask you to stock up, it will not be only for yourselves, but also to help your brothers, because everything is about to collapse, including the economy which will bring famine in a short time. 

My children, listen to my words and heed them. 

Now I leave you with my motherly blessing in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit; I am with you, I love you and I will never abandon you. Your mother.

The sanctification of work

The Lord seeks us and sends us to our environment and to our profession. But he wants that work to be different. «You write to me in the kitchen, by the stove. The evening is beginning. It is cold. Next to you, your little sister – the last one to discover the divine madness of living her Christian vocation to the full – is peeling potatoes. Apparently – you think – her work is the same as before. However, there is such a difference!

«-It is true: before he «only» peeled potatoes; now, he is sanctifying himself by peeling potatoes.»

To sanctify ourselves with household chores, with gauze and tweezers in the hospital (with that usual smile before the sick!), in the office, in the chair, driving a tractor or in front of the mules, cleaning the house or peeling potatoes…, our work must resemble that of Christ, whom we contemplated in Joseph’s workshop a few days ago, and the work of the apostles, whom today, in the Gospel of the Mass, we see fishing. We should fix our attention on the Son of God made Man as he works, and ask ourselves many times: what would Jesus do in my place, how would he carry out my task? The Gospel tells us that he did everything well5 , with human perfection, without botched jobs; and that means doing the work with a spirit of service to his neighbors, with order, with serenity, with intensity; he would deliver the orders on time, he would finish his work with love, thinking of the joy of his clients when they received a simple but perfect job; he would work hard…. Jesus also carried out his work with full supernatural efficacy, because at the same time, with that same work, he was carrying out the redemption of humanity, united to his Father with love and for love, united to men also for love of them, and what is done for love, commits.

No Christian can think that, although his work is apparently of little importance – or so some may judge it lightly, with their superficial comments – he can do it in any way, carelessly, carelessly and without perfection. This work is seen by God and has an importance that we cannot suspect. «You asked me what you can offer to the Lord. -I don’t need to think about my answer: the same as always, but better finished, with a touch of love, which will lead you to think more of Him and less of yourself».

Meditación diaria