30th anniversary of beatification of Josemaria

Saint Josemaria was beatified on 17 May 1992. Here is the homily given by Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger at the Mass of Thanksgiving for the Beatification of Josemaría Escrivá on 19 May 1992, in the Basilica of the Holy Apostles in Rome.

The mysterious Book of Revelation by Saint John terrifyingly speaks to us about the past and the future of our history, yet continuously tears the veil that separates heaven and earth, showing us that God has not abandoned the world. However great evil may be in certain moments, in the end God’s victory is certain.

Amid earth’s tribulations, we can still hear a louder song of praise. Around God’s throne there is a growing choir of the elect, whose lives—spent in self-forgetfulness—have now been transformed into joy and glorification. This choir does not sing only in the next world; it is prepared in the middle of history, while remaining hidden from it. This is made quite clear by the voice that comes from the throne, that is, from God’s seat: “Praise our God, all you his servants, you who fear him, small and great” (Rev 19:5). This is an exhortation to do our own part in this world, thus beginning to belong to the liturgy of eternity.

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