God can no longer delay His intervention


Carbonia January 15, 2022

The Earth is about to be struck by an asteroid.

Beloved daughter, it is God the Father who speaks, have faith in Me. Write to my beloved people.

The painful hours have come for this Humanity estranged from its Creator. The harassment is escalating, God can no longer delay His intervention.

Great will be the surprises for humanity, I will show this faithless humanity who I am, they will finally know their true God, their Creator, … many will return to Me while others will continue on the path of death.

My children, as my Father I intervene to bring you my help, … I will help the weak, … I will harvest the good grain, separating it from the weeds; I will change the aspect of the Earth and I will transfigure man in Me. He who has been faithful to Me will have of Me, while he who has rejected Me will take the form of the devil.

Now that everything has come to the end of an ancient time, behold, I open My new world to My own.

Prepare your hearts, O men, for I am about to call you to My shelters.

I will comfort My people and cradle them in Me, never again will they have to suffer.

The New Earth is in Me, no one who is not My child will be able to enter it to enjoy My Good.

Open your hearts to Me, men, turn to your God-Love, to your Creator, so as not to be absorbed by the vortex of death.

The Earth is about to be hit by an asteroid.

Take refuge in Me!

Consecrate yourselves each day to the Immaculate Heart of Mary, Coredemptrix of the Work of Salvation.

The atrocious evil is on the march, do not let it devour you.

I bless you and I await your conversion to me.

Autor: Moral y Luces

Moral y Luces

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