Under the influence of Satanism

Everyone who has gone through the World Economic Forum or the Young Global leaders is under orders. Some are the most repressive

As you know, British Prime Minister Boris Johnson is part of the network that has taken power in many countries of the NATO bloc. Trained in the Young Global Leaders under Klaus Schwab of the World Economic Forum, like other current leaders, he is a fervent agent of the New World Order whose main objective is to reduce the population of the planet to 500 million human beings.

Who can be so foolish as to trust the fanatics of transhumanism who dream of setting up a surveillance society in which our every act and thought will be recorded and used against us… if we do not comply with the mandates of the world’s new dictators?

In the name of progress and science, they intend to inject us without our knowledge and thanks to nanotechnology, products that they present as vaccines, while transforming us into walking transmitters/receivers that they will be able to control thanks to 5G, triggering diseases at their whim, forbidding us to travel and live freely, subjecting us to their good will of the moment and even eliminating us physically by provoking chaos inside our bodies.

This band of criminals who think that there are too many of us on earth have found, thanks to science, the absolute weapon to make us obedient submissive beings or living dead on probation.

While the people are submerged in ignorance and manipulated by the media, this illuminated elite has developed biological weapons that allow them to unleash mass genocides whenever they decide to do so.

Their fake vaccines are slow and silent killers with one goal: to reduce the world’s population, weakening human beings and making them dependent on the pharmaceutical industry and the pleasure of the new dictators.

For years I have been shouting that this world is ruled by criminals, corrupt people, murderers who are in the service of the Banking Cabal. And we are witnessing the unleashing and acceleration of the establishment of the New World Order.

Who knows that the Australian government has publicly declared that the country has entered the New World Order? Who paid attention to this crucial information and which explains the creation of internment camps where those who refuse «vaccination» are already locked up?

Inundated with information, few of us have grasped this important detail. And yet, this information should alert us all because what is happening in Australia, the laboratory of the New World Order, will also be imposed on us in times to come.

Those of us who are aware and informed are considered as «conspirators», «irresponsible», whom our president wants to «annoy to the end» in order to force us to accept the injection of nanotechnologies into our bodies.

If ignorance produces submissive beings, knowledge and learning produce awakened beings. And it is the enlightened who represent the greatest danger to these new dictators. That is why they try so hard to inject us with their poison.

While many refuse to face the truth and prefer to obey, others are willing to defend their lives, those of their children and families, against the «Beast of the Event» of which criminal governments are only servants.

Fearing violence, some advocate passivity, but others have already understood that bloodshed is inevitable because freedom has always come at a price.

As I am not destined to be a martyr, I prefer to die on my feet rather than live on my knees. It will be them or us, whatever the price! 

Autor: Moral y Luces

Moral y Luces

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