The sanctification of work

The Lord seeks us and sends us to our environment and to our profession. But he wants that work to be different. «You write to me in the kitchen, by the stove. The evening is beginning. It is cold. Next to you, your little sister – the last one to discover the divine madness of living her Christian vocation to the full – is peeling potatoes. Apparently – you think – her work is the same as before. However, there is such a difference!

«-It is true: before he «only» peeled potatoes; now, he is sanctifying himself by peeling potatoes.»

To sanctify ourselves with household chores, with gauze and tweezers in the hospital (with that usual smile before the sick!), in the office, in the chair, driving a tractor or in front of the mules, cleaning the house or peeling potatoes…, our work must resemble that of Christ, whom we contemplated in Joseph’s workshop a few days ago, and the work of the apostles, whom today, in the Gospel of the Mass, we see fishing. We should fix our attention on the Son of God made Man as he works, and ask ourselves many times: what would Jesus do in my place, how would he carry out my task? The Gospel tells us that he did everything well5 , with human perfection, without botched jobs; and that means doing the work with a spirit of service to his neighbors, with order, with serenity, with intensity; he would deliver the orders on time, he would finish his work with love, thinking of the joy of his clients when they received a simple but perfect job; he would work hard…. Jesus also carried out his work with full supernatural efficacy, because at the same time, with that same work, he was carrying out the redemption of humanity, united to his Father with love and for love, united to men also for love of them, and what is done for love, commits.

No Christian can think that, although his work is apparently of little importance – or so some may judge it lightly, with their superficial comments – he can do it in any way, carelessly, carelessly and without perfection. This work is seen by God and has an importance that we cannot suspect. «You asked me what you can offer to the Lord. -I don’t need to think about my answer: the same as always, but better finished, with a touch of love, which will lead you to think more of Him and less of yourself».

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Autor: Moral y Luces

Moral y Luces

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