Testimonies on Perpetual Adoration

Monsignor Michele Placido Giordano, archpriest of Mistretta, in Sicily, said in an interview on November 13, 2006: The first thing that any parish should do is perpetual Eucharistic adoration…. I think that the first thing parishes should do is to teach how to pray. I was amazed when I saw Catholics going to Buddhist meditation schools. So I reflected on this and decided to promote Eucharistic adoration every week and, once a month, to extend it until midnight, until we decided to have perpetual adoration. We started on November 13, 2004.

The important thing is to start. There was a time when I wanted to close «TeleMistretta» television, because I was not able to guarantee the budget. But we trust in the Lord and it has been 16 years and the means have always arrived. We have to trust. We have structured perpetual adoration in four hourly phases of six hours; for each hour there is an hourly captain, who is responsible and who finds solutions when, for various reasons, someone is absent. During the day, the church where adoration takes place is almost always full; during the night, adoration has a special attraction, it is intimate and very beautiful. It is an experience that I recommend to all dioceses and parishes.

Now we will publish a book with the testimonies of a year of Eucharistic adoration. We have received so many graces. A girl had decided to have an abortion, we decided to pray and we convinced her not to do it. This child was born and his name is Carlo. He is now supported by the «Gemma Project» together with his mother. At the beginning, Monsignor Ignazio Zambito, the bishop of Patti, asked us to pray for the vocations. We prayed a lot and the Seminary of the Diocese of Patti, which had six seminarians, this year has another nine candidates for the priesthood. Perpetual Eucharistic adoration gives us wings to do many more things than before. Now we are about to relaunch the diocesan radio station. Adoration is the root of a plant that, the more prayers it has, the more it grows and develops. We must allow the root to expand.

Ramirez Josefino and Martin Lucia, Letters to a Brother Priest, Ed. Missionaries of the Blessed Sacrament, Plattsburgh, New York, p. IX.

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