I am at the gates of the Earth and I see no conversion

Carbonia May 21, 2016

Arise quickly, sinners, acknowledge your sin, confess it quickly and prostrate yourselves before me, humbly asking me for forgiveness with a contrite heart. Now terrible days will come!

Write, my sweet servant, write to my beloved people. Behold, my children, I am at the gates of the Earth and I see no conversion. My children, after the Warning, you will benefit from nothing, you will test the rod of your Father who is in heaven!

Beloved children, I, God, call back all those who have turned away from Me, from the One who loved you even to death on a cross.

My beloved people, the time of your election has come! Here it is!

Hasten to come to Me, for now there will fall upon the Earth floods of fire and hurricanes of water, and for those who have not protected themselves in Me, hell will come.

The Earth is going through its agony!

It is in its painful birth, but soon it will be transformed by the Light and will change its appearance.

Thus, this perverse Humanity will have to pass its test in its purification, because it has not converted to its Creator God, it has preferred to give itself up to the miseries of this world, it has given Satan the possibility to make of it his booty.

The new dawn will enter with a heartbeat of love, faithful to its Creator God a new generation will enter and will enjoy all the Beauties of its Loving God; there will no longer be suffering or mourning, for the former things will have passed to savor the new ones, those that the God of infinite Love has prepared for his new people.

It is time for new things! Soon the Earth will be kissed by the Light and light it will be!

Come on, my people, turn to your Creator God, to the only God of Love, to the One who molded you with his own hands and gave you the life you wasted by turning away from his precepts.

Arise, my people, and repent quickly. Look around you, my beloved people: do you see anything good, or that tastes good? NO! There is nothing good left, everything has been tarnished by Satan’s filthy hands and overthrown, what was once Good is now evil, everything has rotted away! What pain for me! What pain for my poor heart! I had hoped so much that My Creature would return to Me, but today I see the ruin that has befallen her and I feel in My Flesh the pain that runs through the flesh of My children.

My Sacred Heart is bleeding, I am losing strength, I am in despair. I am in despair, I am losing My children! Aaahhh cursed Satan, what an end I have in store for you, for you who were the thief of souls, who drank the blood of My children!

Aaahhh what pain! And what misery, are you, poor Humanity rebellious to your God, you have sold yourself to the enemy to earn eternal death?

Now terrible days will come when you will have no consolation from me, for you have sold your soul to Satan. You will die under his mockery and be subject to his dominion forever.

Woe to you, who have believed in him and not in me, your saving God.

New days shall dawn! Behold, a new generation shall walk on grassy pastures and drink of clear waters, and rejoice forever in my burning love.

Arise quickly, sinners, acknowledge your sin, confess it quickly, and prostrate yourselves before me, humbly asking my forgiveness with a contrite heart.

Your hour has come, O rebellious men, for here I intervene to do justice.

          The merciful and just God!

Autor: Moral y Luces

Moral y Luces

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