Report: Vaccine Passports Now May Be Demanded For OFFICE WORKERS

If “sufficient measures are not taken to limit infection, the Government will consider mandating the NHS COVID Pass.»

The British government has suggested that not only should so called vaccine passports by used by clubs, pubs and restaurants, but also that office workers should be subject to the system in order to return to their jobs.

The London Telegraph reports that the Department for Health and Social Care (DHSC) has indicated that the pass system should be adopted in everyday workplaces.

The DHSC document states that “As many as 10.4 million people have now signed up to the NHS App, with over 6 million new users since the COVID-19 vaccination status service was added on 17 May.”

It continues, “The app’s COVID-19 vaccine status service allows users easily to show their proof of vaccine, which will help people to travel abroad, start returning to workplaces and attend largescale events as we cautiously proceed with the roadmap.”

The Daily Mail reports that the government guidance basically looks exactly the same as it did before the “lifting” of restrictions, with social distancing, masks and plastic dividing screens being recommended.

As we have previously noted, the details of the COVID pass system are completely vague, with little explanation on exactly where will be made to use the NHS COVID app system as “a means of entry,” or how it will be managed and enforced.

The only details that were given by ministers are that it will be ‘encouraged’ anywhere where people are “likely to be in close proximity to others outside their household.”

So everywhere then.

The Telegraph report notes that the government guidance says that if “sufficient measures are not taken to limit infection, the Government will consider mandating the NHS COVID Pass in certain venues at a later date.”

The entire debacle has led many to believe that it is being made intentionally vague and confusing in order to stealthily implement the system, which has faced continued backlash.

In an op ed last week, The Telegraph’s Douglas Murray warned that “Britain is sleepwalking into a state of perpetual Covid tyranny.”

Murray urges that “Things that would have seemed impossible just a few years ago have become routine. Stay in your house when the Government tells you to? Check. Allow the police to visit at any time of the day or night to see that you are where you say you are? Check. Carry papers to allow you to be permitted certain activities? Check. In Britain all this and more has flowed by without any significant political opposition.”

Murray further warns that “The creation of “vaccine certification” means that we now face the prospect of having our papers demanded not just if we dare to think about leaving the country for some reason, but if we just want to go to almost any public gathering.”

Murray concludes that “we do not need politicians and private companies policing us ever more. We need to take a different leap. Not into greater safety, but into greater freedom.”

Muertes por covid en vacunados

Ha habido 791 muertes en los EE.UU. de personas completamente vacunadas, por lo que desafortunadamente no podemos reclamar completamente el 100% de protección contra la muerte por Covid-19 con las vacunas. Aún así, esto, por supuesto, hay una diferencia altamente significativa en comparación con las muertes en personas no vacunadas

A partir del 1 de mayo de 2021, los CDC pasaron de monitorear todos los casos de avance de vacunas reportados a centrarse en identificar e investigar solo los casos hospitalizados o fatales debido a cualquier causa. Este cambio ayudará a maximizar la calidad de los datos recopilados sobre los casos de mayor importancia clínica y de salud pública.

Los datos anteriores sobre todos los casos de avance de vacunas reportados a los CDC de enero a abril de 2021 están disponibles.

Los departamentos de salud estatales reportan casos de avance de vacunas a los CDC. Los CDC ahora monitorean los casos de avance de vacunas hospitalizados o fatales reportados para agruparse por demografía de pacientes, ubicación geográfica, tiempo desde la vacunación, tipo de vacuna y linaje de SARS-CoV-2. Los datos reportados incluyen casos de avance hospitalizados o fatales debido a cualquier causa, incluidas las causas no relacionadas con COVID-19.

En la mayor medida posible, se recogen muestras respiratorias que dan positivo para el ARN del SARS-CoV-2 para su secuenciación genómica a fin de identificar el linaje del virus que causó la infección.

Algunos departamentos de salud pueden continuar reportando todos los casos de avance de vacunas a la base de datos nacional y pueden continuar presentando muestras a los CDC para su secuenciación. Sin embargo, los CDC centrarán su monitoreo en los casos hospitalizados y fatales reportados.

Hasta el 12 de julio de 2021, más de 159 millones de personas en Estados Unidos habían sido completamente vacunadas contra el COVID-19.

Durante el mismo tiempo, los CDC recibieron informes de 48 estados y territorios de Estados Unidos de 5.492 pacientes con infección por COVID-19 que fueron hospitalizados o murieron.

Casos de avance de vacunas hospitalizados o fatales reportados a los CDC5,492
Personas de ≥65 años4,109(75%)
Infecciones asintomáticas1,107(20%)

*1,456 (28%) de 5.189 hospitalizaciones reportadas como asintomáticas o no relacionadas con COVID-19.
†272 (26%) de 1.063 casos mortales reportados como asintomáticos o no relacionados con covid-19.

Los datos anteriores sobre todos los casos de avance de vacunas reportados a los CDC de enero a abril de 2021 están disponibles.

Cómo interpretar estos datos

El número de infecciones por avance de la vacuna contra el COVID-19 reportadas a los CDC probablemente sea un recuento insuficiente de todas las infecciones por SARS-CoV-2 entre las personas completamente vacunadas. La vigilancia nacional se basa en la presentación de informes pasivos y voluntarios, y es posible que los datos no sean completos o representativos. Estos datos de vigilancia son una instantánea y ayudan a identificar patrones y buscar señales entre los casos de avance de la vacuna.

Los datos sobre los pacientes con infección por irrupción vacunal que fueron hospitalizados o murieron se actualizarán regularmente. Se están llevando a cabo estudios en múltiples sitios de EE.UU. que incluirán información sobre todas las infecciones por avance de la vacuna, independientemente del estado clínico, para complementar la vigilancia nacional.

Las vacunas contra la COVID-19 son efectivas

  • Los casos de avance de vacunas ocurren en solo un pequeño porcentaje de personas vacunadas. Hasta la fecha, no se han identificado patrones inesperados en la demografía del caso o las características de la vacuna entre las personas con infecciones de avance de vacunas notificadas.
  • Las vacunas contra el COVID-19 son efectivas. Los CDC recomiendan que todas las personas mayores de 12 años reciban una vacuna contra el COVID-19 tan pronto como puedan.
  • Las personas que han sido completamente vacunadas pueden reanudar las actividades que hacían antes de la pandemia.

Kuravilangad, Oldest Marian Sanctuary in the World

A Marian Apparition Before 105 A.D.

Not in Europe, nor in the Middle East; it is India where is located the most ancient Marian Sanctuary in the world. It is in the smalll town of Kuravilangad, state of Kerala, southern India, at some 200 km from its capital, Thiruvananthapuram. The official name of the sanctuary is «Major Archiepiscopal Marth Mariam Archdeacon Pilgrim Church Kuravilangad».

Apparition History

The people of this region, which was full of barren hills and small forests, was composed of important producers of spices. Some of the Jewish merchants who regularly came there to buy spices witnessed the torture, crucifixion and resurrection of Jesus Christ and were among the people who converted to Christianism in Pentecost. After that, they returned from Israel to Kerala. It was through these Jewish Christians that the first small group of Christians was formed in Kuravilangad. Later, four Brahmin families (which constituted the highest caste among Indians) – Kalli (or Palli), Kalikave, Sankarapuri, and Pakalomattom -, converted to Christianism thanks to the apostle Thomas, migrated from Palayoor (one of the ancient Christian centers) to Kuravilangad to escape the intense religious persecution against Christians around the year 100 A.D.

The Water Spring: a Permanent Sign from Our Lady

According to the tradition, some Nazrani (an old term for Christians) children were herding the flock of their families. They were hungry and thirsty. Then the Virgin Mary appeared in the form of an old lady. She picked up some stones from the ground, which became bread, and gave them to the children; she dug a small well, a spring started to flow, and gave its water to the children drink. When the children reported this incident, the parents came rushing in. The old lady reappeared, showed them the spring, and requested that a church be built there in her honor.

Temple History

The first church was built in 105 A.D. in the site suggested by Our Lady. It was a temple made of bamboo. Bishop Mar Youssef of Edessa in AD 345 commissioned the restoration of the church. The Kuravilangad temple was renovated during various periods. The foundation stone of the first stone temple was laid between June and November 1599. The present church was built during the reign of Chandikathanar, Vicar of Parambil (until 1663). The southern altar of the main church is believed to be part of the old church. The present main altar of the church was built in 1670, and the north altar of the church was built in 1680. A major portion of the main church, except the altar area, was rebuilt in the middle durin 1954-1960 under the leadership of Fr. Thomas Manakat. The church has an ancient bell with the engraving «Mother of God» in Syriac. Three majestic bells were brought from Germany in 1910 and are among the largest bells in Asia. Presently this church is under the Eparchy of Palai, part of the Syro-Malabar Catholic Church.

Jonah and the «Moonnu Nombu» Festival

There is a three-day long festival called «Moonnu Nombu» (literally meaning «three days of fasting»), celebrated at the Kuravilangad Valiya Palli every year around late January to early February. It follows a lunar calendar, and falls close to the full moon. The second day, Tuesday, is the most important day. On that day there is a Palli Prathaskhinam, which is a joyous and pious procession lasting about three hours, starting at about 11:30 am, with a kind of boat named Kappalottom, simulating a ship voyage in the sea, as the culminating event.

A forty feet wooden ship, beautifully built with prow, stern, masts and rigging, having on one side an effigy of Jonah being vomited by the fish as per the orders of the Lord, and on the deck wooden mariners in western costume, has been for centuries the centre of attraction in the midday procession. During the procession, the Kappal (ship) is carried by hundreds of people. The voyage starts in calm sea. When the sea gets rough, the prophet Jonah is thrown into the sea. With that, the sea calms, and soon the procession ends. The people of the neighboring village of Kadappoor have the honor to enact the Kappalottom. This village was founded by Kadappoor Ramban, one of the disciples of St. Thomas the Apostle.

This procession is a thanksgiving by the people of this village. Many centuries ago, one of the merchant ships of the Kadappoor people got into rough sea. They prayed and were saved from shipwreck. In gratitude, they made an offering to undertake this Kappalottom at the Kuravilangad Church every year. This offering continues to this day. The Kappalottom is about forty feet long, eight feet wide, and twelve feet tall, and is always well-kept.

The Moonnu Nombu Festival began as a thanksgiving for a safe voyage in the sea, but now it is a thanksgiving for safeguarding against any danger.


Kuravilangad official website